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An electrical panel or breaker panel is generally in a metal box or enclosure in your home or business where the breaker switches are. This is also called a fuse box or service panel but they are all different names for the same thing.

The breaker switches control the electricity supply to different parts of the home or business and other devices such as your tv, lighting, power sockets, and everything else.

The box will have a main breaker that controls the entire house or business supply and individual breakers for different rooms.

Each of these breaker switches has a different rating, and if the demand is too high or overloaded or if there is a fault, the switch will “flip” and turn off.

What happens if there is an overload or fault?

If you find one of your breaker switches turns off, the first thing to determine is if a device has a problem. The way to do this is to determine what room or part of the house or business the breaker is for. This is usually marked on the breaker switch. Then turn off all the devices in that room and turn the breaker switch back on. If it trips or flips again immediately, there is a problem with the switch, or in the location the switch feeds, you should call us.

If the switch remains on you should turn on one device at a time. If the switch flips again when you turn on a specific device, it may mean there is a fault with it. It may be a temporary issue if the switch remains on when all devices are switched on.

Call us if you find breaker switches flipping or turning off for no apparent reason. There could be an issue with the breaker box or your devices, or it just is that you need to upgrade your electrical panel as your requirements for your home or business have increased

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