ProTech Electrical Services


Answers to some frequent questions we get asked by our customers

Are our electricians licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.


How do I know when it is time to upgrade my electric panel?

As you upgrade your home to more modern and new appliances, your electric panel may not have enough capacity to handle it, so it would be best to upgrade to a higher amperage. If the panel in you’re home is over 20 years old, experiencing breakers tripping, lights in the home dimming or heating and rust on the panel then its definitely time to get it checked out.


Can you upgrade my electrical panel?

Absolutely, give us a call anytime!


How long do electrical repairs take?

Most of the electrical repairs are completed in one or two working days. But if there is any complex issue, it might take more time. But rest assured, whatever the problem is, Protech Electrical Services can surely solve it efficiently.


Is it dangerous for circuit breakers to trip?

Circuit breakers are to prevent your appliances and other electrical devices from malfunctioning. A circuit breaker trips when it is overloaded.


My electrical switches are hot to the touch; what should I do?

Immediately turn off the breaker to that circuit and call a master Electrician to diagnose the problem!


Do I need to replace an outlet if the plug is loose?

A loose plug results in a higher resistance, which may lead to overheating and cause a fire. Moreover, it may also affect the connected appliance or device. It is better to replace it, instead of expensive repairs.


Can I perform DIY electrical repairs?

Besides changing light bulbs we would NOT recommend any DIY (Do it yourself) repairs. First and foremost you are endangering you’re health and safety and can also risk the safety of others and you’re home. You should always hire a Licensed Electrician for any home installs and repairs, they are experience and have the proper training to do so!


What type of services do your residential electricians in Philadelphia provide?

We cater to almost every type of electrical service. We can perform electrical repairs, electric appliance installation, prevention services to secure your home, and electrical inspections.


Why are my lights flickering?

Flickering lights are the result of a reduction or a fluctuation in total household voltage that results in the lights dimming for a moment. Abrupt changes in voltage from low to high can damage electronics and in rare cases cause an electrical fire. If the lights in your home keep fluctuating between dim and bright (without using a dimmer switch), you could have a loose or corroded wire in your circuit breaker. This is a serious problem requiring prompt professional attention.


Why does my breaker trip when I unplug an appliance?

There can be more than one reason for this. There is a possibility that your circuit is overloading. Try removing all the appliances and plug just one. If the problem continues, there can be an issue with your appliance.


I have fluctuation in my home what should I do?

If you have been facing it for a long time, it is better to hire an electrician right away to get the issue fixed. If it is recent, make sure you turn off the electric supply and call an electrician in Philadelphia, PA. Or reach out to our experts for affordable services.