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Electric cars are becoming more popular than ever. An electric vehicle charging station, a type of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), comes in both portable plug-in styles and direct wire units. They’re also available in three levels. The first offers a cord that plugs into a 120-volt standard 20-amp circuit and generally comes with your car. The second needs a 240-volt on a 40- to 100-amp circuit but reduces charging time by almost half. You won’t find many Level 3 stations, which charge three times as fast as a Level 2, in most homes. Tesla vehicles use a Level 3 and can charge in about an hour.

Charging speeds have progressed drastically over the past decade and it might only be a matter of time before charging your electric car will be faster than refueling a gas-powered vehicle.

Charging your electric car is even more convenient than refueling a traditional car. Your primary option would be to have an electric car charger at your home which would allow you to charge the car overnight s you have a full battery in the morning. Of course, not everyone has that option. Let ProTech install your next electric-car charger for you

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